When people join a LifeGroup, they find a group of people who want to know each other and journey through life together. Start or join a LifeGroup and find out how important it is to connect with other people. Support is available.

LifeGroups meet in homes, coffee shops, and even online. Each group is unique – one may discuss the weekend message, another might study a topic together, there are groups that serve in the community, and groups that take part in a shared interest or activity.

One thing is for sure: LifeGroups are perhaps the best place to form strong relationships with other followers of Christ.

For more information or for help finding the right group for you, contact us.


WHEN: February 18, Kickoff Meeting
WHERE: Chickasha Life Church
LEADER: Alan Verser
PHONE: 405.361.5228


WHEN: Meetings are scheduled in advance. Contact Ann for the next meet-up.
WHERE: Chickasha Life Church
LEADER: Ann Helton
PHONE: 405.381.3203


WHEN: Wednesday | 7:00pm
WHERE: Office of Washita Construction
527 W Oklahoma Ave, Chickasha, OK 73018
LEADER: Malisa Bramblett
PHONE: 405.779.3000


WHEN: Wednesdays | 6:30pm
WHERE: Changes Each Meeting
LEADER: Kristen McGregor
PHONE: 405.219.4397

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